Philomena + Ruth Holiday Gift Tips: Kenzie’s Picks

Kenzie’s List

  • For my friend that puts everyone else first

A girl who’s always on the go, my best friend never takes a day for herself. She puts all other things above her own well-being, and she needs to be reminded to take a breather. To urge her to take a day off, I am giving her the Lavender Bitters Salt Soak and the Waffles and Mimosa Lip Balm. These gifts will give her the perfect opportunity to care for herself.

  • For my little sister

My sister has always had her head in the clouds, whether she is working on an art project or writing down everything she sees. Every notebook she has is filled with her drawings, so the Daydream Believer journal is the perfect gift for her. And what better way to decorate the pages than with the Rainbow Sticker Sheet?

  • For my brother

My playmate and fellow troublemaker, my brother has always been there for me. Even though we don’t always get along, we still care for each other. He has always looked up to our truck-driving grandpa, so the Roll on 18 Wheeler tee is the perfect gift for him along with the black Smiley Hat.

  • For my best friend

The person who makes every day better deserves everything, so it is almost impossible to shop for them. My best friend is adventurous and fun-loving; she’s always going somewhere. The Retro Duffel Bag is the perfect gift to help her with every adventure, big or small.

  • For my supportive dad

My earliest memories are of my dad handing me his handkerchief to dry my tears and runny nose. To repay him for the many handkerchiefs I have ruined, I am gifting him the Hand Dyed Paisley Bandana. Whether he uses it as a fashion statement or folds it up and puts it into his pocket, I know he will love it and get lots of use from it.

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