Operating a retail business and a clothing brand in the pandemic climate of the past 18 months (and still going) has had us flexing our entrepreneurial muscles as if we were posing with a perfectly orange spray tan in a high-cut leotard covered in baby oil while often times dodging laser cats.

(Please capture that mental image for forever reference when needed)

While we intended to open our brick+mortar doors back up August 28th, looking around at the ever-reaching arc of Delta variant numbers + evaluating risk vs. reward has us flipping the script. Our brick + mortar is also the lower level of our Boss Babe Elizabeth’s home. Imagine inviting your entire community through the door of your home and trusting each person is Doing All the Things required to help end the community spread of a deadly virus + trusting that not a single one of them has Googled the horse meds from the vet’s office to take versus the effective vaccine.

Instead, our doors are staying shut for the time being. We’re opening curbside pickup back up right outside of those pretty doors. Ordering online is the safest, quickest, and only pants-less way to get your P+R fix for now. You have all been the DAMN BEST at supporting our small biz every way you know how, so THANK YOU from the bottom of our (non-baby-oiled) hearts.

We have new designs, new vendors, and well- NEW SHIT coming at you non-stop now through the holidays. Get ready, no pants required (bras NEVER required).

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