Operating a retail business and a clothing brand in the pandemic climate of the past 18 months (and still going) has had us flexing our entrepreneurial muscles as if we were posing with a perfectly orange spray tan in a high-cut leotard covered in baby oil while often times dodging laser cats.

(Please capture that mental image for forever reference when needed)

While we intended to open our brick+mortar doors back up August 28th, looking around at the ever-reaching arc of Delta variant numbers + evaluating risk vs. reward has us flipping the script. Our brick + mortar is also the lower level of our Boss Babe Elizabeth’s home. Imagine inviting your entire community through the door of your home and trusting each person is Doing All the Things required to help end the community spread of a deadly virus + trusting that not a single one of them has Googled the horse meds from the vet’s office to take versus the effective vaccine.

Instead, our doors are staying shut for the time being. We’re opening curbside pickup back up right outside of those pretty doors. Ordering online is the safest, quickest, and only pants-less way to get your P+R fix for now. You have all been the DAMN BEST at supporting our small biz every way you know how, so THANK YOU from the bottom of our (non-baby-oiled) hearts.

We have new designs, new vendors, and well- NEW SHIT coming at you non-stop now through the holidays. Get ready, no pants required (bras NEVER required).

Philomena + Ruth Holiday Gift Tips: Kenzie’s Picks

Kenzie’s List

  • For my friend that puts everyone else first

A girl who’s always on the go, my best friend never takes a day for herself. She puts all other things above her own well-being, and she needs to be reminded to take a breather. To urge her to take a day off, I am giving her the Lavender Bitters Salt Soak and the Waffles and Mimosa Lip Balm. These gifts will give her the perfect opportunity to care for herself.

  • For my little sister

My sister has always had her head in the clouds, whether she is working on an art project or writing down everything she sees. Every notebook she has is filled with her drawings, so the Daydream Believer journal is the perfect gift for her. And what better way to decorate the pages than with the Rainbow Sticker Sheet?

  • For my brother

My playmate and fellow troublemaker, my brother has always been there for me. Even though we don’t always get along, we still care for each other. He has always looked up to our truck-driving grandpa, so the Roll on 18 Wheeler tee is the perfect gift for him along with the black Smiley Hat.

  • For my best friend

The person who makes every day better deserves everything, so it is almost impossible to shop for them. My best friend is adventurous and fun-loving; she’s always going somewhere. The Retro Duffel Bag is the perfect gift to help her with every adventure, big or small.

  • For my supportive dad

My earliest memories are of my dad handing me his handkerchief to dry my tears and runny nose. To repay him for the many handkerchiefs I have ruined, I am gifting him the Hand Dyed Paisley Bandana. Whether he uses it as a fashion statement or folds it up and puts it into his pocket, I know he will love it and get lots of use from it.

Philomena + Ruth Holiday Gift Tips: Sherry’s Picks

Sherry’s List

I love giving gifts year round, seeing the smiles on family and friends faces makes my heart happy! My favorite place to shop is of course my sister’s store. I shop local and small first!

  • MY BFF

I chose the Prince candle for my BFF Jennifer because we used to pretend to be him and his band singing songs on my families front porch!

  • MY MOM

I have the sweetest mom in the world and she deserves the best!  She loves drinking coffee, names her chickens and loves relaxing in hot bath after working all day! So the cute chicken towel, Rose mug and the Sacred Space bath bomb are the perfect gifts for her this Christmas!


My sweet and sassy 6 year old Eme never sits still and loves games and puzzles. She also loves a good bubble bath and her favorite scent is lavender.  She is on her third pack of these awesome bath bombs!! Can’t pass up the cute stickers to add to her collection on her bedroom door!!


We can’t forget our awesome teachers!! Eme’s 1st grade teacher was also my teacher so she’s extra special and deserves a little treat! What teacher doesn’t need a little something to help them relax!


My nephew turns 21 this year, so I thought I’d go with a drinking theme including some Bourbon soap!


One more December birthday gift for my sister-n-law who needs a little inner peace! This peach quartz candle is the perfect pick with a super cute matching Capricorn jumbo pin and card!!

Hope this helps make your gift choices a little easier!! May your Christmas be Merry and your New Year healthy and happy!!

Philomena + Ruth Holiday Gift Tips: Elizabeth’s Picks

Elizabeth’s List

Hey dudes! It’s not too late to get your gifts at P+R, so to help you out, I’m sharing my favorite finds below! Happy shopping!


I don’t buy gifts for all of my friends for Christmas, but my childhood bestie is one that holds a special place in my heart. We don’t get to see each other as often as we’d like, so we use gift exchanges as an excuse to get together. This year will look a bit different than most, but one thing will never change, her gift is all about humor + heart! That’s why I’m going with the Inquire Within Deck by Worthwhile Paper. The designs are beautiful + the intentions are meaningful.


What do you get those hard to buy for men in your life? I know it sounds crazy, but my husband loves a good smelling candle + with our natural, earthy selection, I know that the Yosemite candle by Good & Well Supply will keep him feeling manly!


What do you get the woman who literally helps you do EVERYTHING?!? My sister, Sherry is my store manager, but we all know it’s so much more than that when it comes to running a small business. That’s why my sis is an original member of the Bad Vibes Killer Club. And to prove it, I’m giving her a hot off the press BVK Original sweatshirt! It’s one of my favorite new designs + I can’t think of a more deserving recipient!


Being the youngest of 4 kids, I’ve got quite the collection of niblings…….eight to be exact. Ranging in age from 6 to 22 years old, you could be fooled into thinking that the same gift wouldn’t work for them all……..and you’d be wrong!!! Que the Peace Sign Smiley Beanie! Comfy, functional + one heck of a photo op!!


Like most moms, mine is happy with anything her beloved kids + grandkids give her, even if it’s just our time and a chat. But I always try to give her something thoughtful that she wouldn’t buy for herself. A chicken lady to the core, I know one of our Everyday Jumpsuits and a couple of Everyday T-shirts will be comfy + cozy for farm chores all year long. Best of all, the jumpsuit pockets can double as egg collectors!!


In collaboration with local St. Louis activist, Gabrielle Inès Souza @muvasouza ,we have designed this Black Trans Lives Matter tee to bring awareness to this important movement, with a heavy focus on giving back to the Black Trans Community.

With each purchase of this shirt, your money will go directly to the “STL Black Trans Community Response Fund.” A fund created by Gabrielle and in collaboration with us here at Philomena+Ruth to provide aid to local Black Trans women. But your support does not have to end there. The grant will remain open for continuing donations, allowing us the endless opportunity to provide funds for assistance with medical, food, rental, transportation and billing needs or just simply, survival.

Help us to extend the olive branch to more people with your purchase and/or donation.

Thank you to the squad,
beautiful inside + out:
@muvasouza @tassandra1 @undeniable_talent27 @transanja

Special thanks to:
Videography / Kyra Hannah @coolworldky
Photography / @kngmaxy
Location / @YesHoney

A Conversation With Zoila Cupp for Growing Up In America

When I began this “Conversations with” series, I knew I wanted to meet real people who had important stories to tell.  People who were both exceptional AND down to earth.  Your neighbor down the street, a co-worker’s daughter, a friend of a friend, or even the local barista.  I want to amplify the voices of our fellow citizens to help facilitate conversations, around the community + beyond, because I believe that real change starts with a simple hello. 

I’m pumped to introduce you to Zoila Cupp.  At only 17 years old, she is wise beyond her years and the epitome of bravery.  Her story is one that may be more common in today’s America than ever before, but it’s her ability to face adversity and keep moving forward that makes her exceptional.  With gutsy little ladies like this making waves, I’m more hopeful than ever for the future.  Let’s have a conversation with Zoila Cupp on growing up in America. 

A Conversation With Valeria Rodriguez for Self Care

A woman that shines so brightly should need no introduction, meet Valeria Rodriquez – Founder of @ShineInAllShades Coloring Book. Valeria inspires others not only with her art, but also in how she chooses to find the SHINE in others + amplify it. Her story is one of determination, revolution + illumination of soul. Watch + join in the conversation so you can start the next. Go to our IGTV tab later for PART TWO of this conversation so you don’t miss a beat.

Follow @shineinallshades for more from Valeria Rodriguez

Video by @CoreyWoodruff for @philomenaandruth

A Conversation With Gabrielle Inés for Black Trans Lives

We are proud to introduce Gabrielle Inés @muvasouza , our new Good Vibes Amabassador for P+R. Please watch + get to know Gabi, listen to her story + learn more about the lives of Black Trans Women as well as how to support them. We are forever grateful for her bravery + trust in us to share her powerful voice with the world.

P+R believes Trans rights are human rights. While we fight for equality + justice for Black lives we must include liberation for all.

“While the details of these cases differ, it is clear that fatal violence disproportionately affects transgender women of color — particularly Black transgender women — and that the intersections of racism, sexism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and unchecked access to guns conspire to deprive them of employment, housing, healthcare and other necessities.”
Violence Against the Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Community in 2020

Follow Gabi at @muvasouza + show her your support
Venmo: @MuvaSouza
Cashapp: $Muvasouza

Organizations to Support



How are you doing?  What are you doing?  Are you feeling supported?  Most importantly, are you taking care of yourself?

These are some tough times.  I’m feeling it, and I know all of you are feeling it too.  Living in a world while actively trying to change it is uncomfortable, unsettling, and often leaves us feeling a bit misplaced.

Real talk, I had to run away to the mountains for a week.  Not because I was running away from the work that needs to be done, but because I knew I needed to do something for myself in order to continue the work.  I was feeling raw, exposed, and unable to communicate effectively.  A failed attempt at starting real conversation with my family about Systemic Racism left me feeling untethered and without a foundation.  That, on top of an emotional local protest where I heard first-hand accounts of the ugliness that I was blissfully unaware of, made me feel like the problem was too big to fix.  I know that’s not true, but it sure as hell felt that way.

My time in the mountains was beautiful.  I created new memories in old ways, had thoughtful conversations with new + old friends, spent quiet time with myself in nature, and was reminded of how capable I really am….both mentally and physically.  I knew it was time to come down the mountain when I had a dream about the store.  It was my mind telling me that it was time, and I was ready.

On the way home, I came upon an incident at a gas station that was a quick reminder of the work that needs to be done.  In that moment, I was able to keep a watchful eye, show support + solidarity, and make my presence known in a way that, I hope, made the situation better.  It felt like a right time, right place kind of thing.  Not just in that moment, but in this time in history.  

Since returning home, I’ve already participated in my first STL Sandbox session, finalized plans for new ways to promote open dialogue, and had touch conversations with loved ones that have helped propels us forward in positive ways.  I was able to do these things with fresh clarity and purpose.  It’s not that I wouldn’t have done these things without having had that time away, but I was able to do them with a clear mind and renewed confidence.  I feel empowered and ready to change the world.

I can’t say that I won’t need to run away again.  Self-care is of the utmost importance in times like these, and there’s still much work to be done.  Maybe you can’t run away to the mountains.  Maybe you can’t run away at all.  But you can (and must) find ways to take care of your mental and physical well-being, no matter how big or small.  So while I know that we have been calling on you to do the work, speak up, and allow yourself to live in the discomfort, I’m also asking you to be kind to yourself and take the time you need to heal, recover, and prosper.  We are all in this together, and that means when you need a break, take it.  The rest of us are here to carry your load until you’re able to come back stronger than before.

Take care of yourself.  Take care of each other.  And please, please, please, always be kind.  

Good vibes + cat cuddles,



In order to best facilitate change, it starts with the individual- to educate ourselves in order to recognize + utilize our privilege to engage in the continual work needed to do so. We are committed to this as a company, and it starts at the top. Please watch for a message from owner, Elizabeth Hahn.

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